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Active Sound Studio


Suite of ActiveX controls for sound recording and editing.

MultiMedia Soft  |  2 more applications - November 8, 2009
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Publisher's description

This "2-in-1" product suite, intended for the Professional and Enterprise developer, contains the following controls based upon ActiveX technology: - Active Sound Recorder: adds sound recording, sound analysis and CD ripping to multimedia applications. Supports recording and encoding in several formats. Visual feedback is provided through embedded VU-Meter, Spectrum Analyser, Oscilloscope and Waveform display. The integrated Sound Activation System allows pausing a recording session automatically when no sound is being heard. Can obtain CDDB information about a CD album during a ripping session. - Active Sound Editor: adds sounds editing and sound analysis capabilities to multimedia applications. It can perform various operations with audio data such as analyzing the sound's waveform at different resolutions with rich visualization capabilities like zooming and panning, filtering, applying audio effects like DMO, VST, Equalizer, Tempo change, custom DSP, sliding volume, volume automation. Supports encoding in several audio formats.

Minimum requirements

• Sound Card

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2008-07-12

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